Tulloch Hill

Climb to one of the area’s best-known landmarks.

Tulloch Hill is crowned by the impressive tower of the Airlie Monument. Visible for miles around, it was built in 1901 in memory of the 11th Earl of Airlie, who was killed during the Boer War in South Africa.

The path to this landmark leads through larch woodland and onto the open moorland, with fine views of the valleys below.


Scott McBride

The Airlie Monument

Kelly Ann Dempsey

Heather in bloom

Walking and cycling
Monument Walk

Wind your way through the forest to the open hill, and up to the impressive monument built in memory of the 11th Earl of Airlie. There are wonderful views from the top. The car park is on the Airlie Estate, which has many other footpaths to explore.

Grass and earth paths. Long steep slopes. 1½ miles (2.5 km) to the monument and back. Allow 1 hour.

Look out for
Pine marten

Pine marten are lively predators that live in the forest. Camera traps near here have caught them on their night-time hunting expeditions.

Larch trees

Larch trees grow quickly, making them ideal for timber plantations. Their open woodland is good for wildlife too, and home to moths, birds and deer.