An exciting place to watch the meeting of the river and the sea

Just south of Montrose, the river flows into the sea at the historic fishing village of Ferryden. The tide makes powerful surges in the water, stirring up food for fish, seals, and sea birds. Dolphins come hunting here too: if you’re lucky, you can see bottlenose dolphins right from the shore.

The viewpoint above the river is a good place to watch boats too, as vessels that serve the North Sea oil rigs sail in and out of Montrose harbour. They’re guided by a pilot to help them navigate the fast-moving currents and sandbanks.

Claire Lacey

Bottlenose dolphin and calf

Kelly Ann Dempsey

Ferryden view

Lorne Gill/SNH


Walking and cycling
To the lighthouse

Follow the track above the river to the lighthouse at Scurdie Ness. You’ll pass dramatic rocks down on the shore and features that once helped boats find their way safely into the harbour.

Hard, smooth surface. Long moderate slopes near the lighthouse. 1½ miles (2.4 km) there and back. Allow ¾ hour.

Look out for
Eider duck

Smart black and white birds swimming on the water are male eider ducks - there’s often a raft of them here. The females have brown plumage. Their call is a rising and falling ‘Ooo’, which sounds a bit like someone exclaiming in surprise at a shocking story!


Harbour and grey seals come hunting for fish in the water at the river’s mouth. Telling them apart at a distance can be tricky – grey seals tend to be larger, with a ‘Roman nose’ shaped head.