Wild south esk

From the high, cold mountains of the Cairngorms to the rolling North Sea, the River South Esk is home to some of the most varied wildlife in Scotland.

Near its source, alpine flowers cling to the rocks in a dramatic bowl scooped out by a glacier. Near its end, a wide basin empties and fills with the flow of the tide – a unique place where thousands of birds shelter on their long journey between summer and winter homes. In between, there are woods full of wildflowers, moorlands watched over by eagles, and rich farmland where wildlife has lived alongside people for thousands of years.

Come and explore this river of riches. Discover places to go with our interactive map, and find practical information for your visit.


with our beautiful map

Inspired by the rich wildlife of of the River South Esk, this map will start you on your journey.

This illustrated map will help you choose where to go.


Places to go from a list

Here are some great places to visit. Most of them have short walks right next door.

Kelly Ann Dempsey

By the shore at Ferryden.


Your visit and places to stay

Links to information about places to stay, and walking and cycling routes. The River South Esk makes a great base for a short break!

James Carter

The start of the woodland walk at Cortachy.