Glen Prosen

An undiscovered glen at the foot of the Cairngorm mountains

It may not be as well-known as the other glens that stretch from the Angus plains up into the Cairngorms, but many people reckon that makes Glen Prosen even more attractive.

The road up the east side of the glen has beautiful views and you can make an attractive circular tour by crossing the glen to the west side. There are plenty of walking opportunities too, with the chance to spot some of the wildlife in this tranquil, wild place.

Eoghain MacLean/SNH

Black grouse

Edinburgh Nette/Flickr

Glen Prosen

Lorne Gill/SNH


Walking and cycling
Head for the hills

WalkHighlands has a section dedicated to the Angus Glens with several routes in Glen Prosen. If you feel like following in the footsteps of holy men, the Minister’s Road runs between the Glen Prosen church and Glen Clova. The church minister used to walk the four miles there and back again to hold services in this remote glen.

Look out for
Red deer

Red deer roam naturally between open moorland and forest. You might spot herds of hundreds of animals in the hills, or hear stags calling during the rut (mating season) in autumn.

Black grouse

The wild country of Glen Prosen is just the place for a chance to see this magnificent bird. They need a mix of forest and moorland, and they’re a priority species for conservation.