A beautiful viewpoint close to the famous Pictish stones

Aberlemno should be on the ‘must see’ list for any visitor to Angus. This small village is home to four beautifully carved stones, the work of the mysterious Picts, who lived here about 1,500 years ago. Just outside the village a layby offers a superb view across the strath to the hills beyond.

The landscape is a patchwork of fields growing crops like potatoes, cabbages, and corn. Angus has some of the best farmland in Scotland, and it must have been valued by Pictish farmers just as much as today’s. Perhaps they stopped to enjoy this view as they tended their fields.

D Lloyd

Pictish carved stone

James Carter

Aberlemno view

Lorne Gill/SNH

Barn owl

Walking and cycling
Explore Aberlemno

There are no footpaths from the viewpoint, but don’t miss the Pictish stones in the village. They’re some of the finest examples in Scotland. A display in the Pictish Room at the village Hall has more information about these fascinating monuments.

Look out for
Red kite

You can often see red kite gliding overhead in this part of the catchment. Once close to extinction, they’re a real conservation success story and their population is increasing.

Field mouse

Pictish farmers must have been familiar with field mice – though they probably weren’t welcome guests! These little creatures scurry through the grass and hedgerows looking for seeds, berries, and insects to eat.