Delightful walks in open woodland

Near the tiny hamlet of Cortachy, the river drops over the Highland Boundary Fault, the long shelf that divides the Highlands from the Lowlands.

It’s cut a deep gorge in the rock that’s surrounded by open beech woodland. There are also some magnificent exotic trees planted in the past by the Earls of Airlie, making this a beautiful place to explore.

H Krisp

Shaggy scaly cap fungus

James Carter

The river at Cortachy

Ian Preston

Great spotted woodpecker

Walking and cycling
River Walk

A beautiful route through the woods to a bridge across the river, with views of wide pools and the rocky gorge along the way. Cortachy is on the Airlie Estate, which has many other footpaths to explore.

Grass and earth paths that can be muddy in places. Short moderate slopes. 1¾ miles (2.8 km) to the bridge and back. Allow 1 hour.

Look out for
Red squirrel

Red squirrels are busy in the trees, looking for food and building dreys (nests) where they rear their young.


If you hear a loud screech as you walk through the wood, it’s probably a jay. These noisy birds are related to crows but are pale pink with a black tail and a smart flash of electric blue on their wings.